Finger Labyrinth Cloud - Meditation Tool, Calming Device

Finger Labyrinth Cloud - Meditation Tool, Calming Device

This cloud-shaped finger labyrinth has been exclusivley designed, machined and finished by our small business.


Crafted from Tasmanian Oak hardwood and finished with a food safe oil & wax coating.

Please allow up to 14 days for production.


What is a finger labyrinth?


Labyrinths have been around for over 4,000 years with labyrinth stone wall carvings, clay tablets and coins dating back to the Bronze Age. Labyrinths have been featured in Greek and Roman mythology and, in the Middle Ages, they started to appear in churches and temples around the world. Labyrinths have been used by many different cultures and religions across time as they have been known to be used for relaxation, meditation and prayer that can bring spiritual and emotional well-being to the lives of those who used them.

A Labyrinth is not a maze; a maze has blind dead ends that are used to confuse and trick the mind.


A labyrinth is a spiral course having a single, winding unobstructed path from the outside to the centre that is used to calm and relax.


How to do a Finger Labyrinth Meditation?


Take deep breaths to begin to relax and focus on the entrance to the labyrinth.

Place your pointer finger from your non-dominate hand on the entrance of the labyrinth. If you find this too awkward at first, use your dominant hand. However, over time, keep trying your non-dominate hand. This helps keep the mind focused on the meditation due to the challenge it presents.


Slowly trace the pattern of the labyrinth with your finger allowing your mind to clear from extra thought and focus solely on following the path of the labyrinth.


“Walk” to the centre of the labyrinth and rest momentarily, taking deep breaths observing how you are feeling.


Retrace your path out of the labyrinth.


Sit back, breathe deeply and relax. Observe how you are feeling again.


Our finger labyrinths can be used as a mindfulness tool for adults and children and make a fantastic classroom resource.