Tic Tac Toe Picnic Game - Green Palm

Tic Tac Toe Picnic Game - Green Palm

A beautiful and unique game for all ages. 


This listing is specifically for the game mat of contrasting green palms & string coloured checks as shown in pictures 1-3.


Embrace the simpler times and with this uniquely crafted Tic Tac Toe - or Noughts & Crosses game.


Bringing family and friends together with hours of entertainment for young and old. This is one piece to be treasured and passed on for years to come.

Our exclusive design features large and easy to handle wooden pieces that have smoothed edges.

The fabric game mat has been handcrafted utilising traditional quilting techniques from 100% cotton.

This set also includes a zip-up travel bag to keep all the pieces safe.

We are so proud to produce all components of this set ourselves, this is not something you will find at a big box retail outlet.


XO Pieces, 1.1cm high approx

Soft fabric mat: cm approx


Please allow up to 10 business days from the purchase date for creation PLUS postage time will be in addition.


These games are available in a strictly limed quantity as each is handmade. 


  • Game Mat Colour

    Green palm & string check